Privacy policy

1. The Company processes all transactions through the secure online payment system to ensure the protection of Customers’ data. Billing information submitted by the Customer is not saved or withheld by the Company in any manner. The Customers are encouraged by the Company to keep their personal billing information confidential.

2. Acquired details are not shared with any third party and are only used by the Company in the following scenarios:

  • to improve the outlay of the Product;
  • to respond to any requests, questions, or complaints;
  • to make the Customer aware of the significant changes and alterations to the Product;
  • and to provide services according to the expectations of the Customer.

3. In case the Customer has an Order in progress, the Support Team will contact them by e-mail or phone to facilitate the delivery of the Order. The sale, distribution, or disclosure of the Customers’ information will not be done by the Company without their consent unless legal situations are in play such as complying with a subpoena.

4. The Information which is directly available to the Company’s freelance Writers is not the Company’s responsibility and the Company does not exercise control over it or give any assurances over its future distribution.

5. The Information provided to the Company is stored on secure servers and the Customer has an obligation to keep their login credentials confidential.